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2016 Events

February 20, 2016 round-table discussion

Bonnie Nash, moderator:  Pilates Business Practices

Long-time business owner, Bonnie Nash, not only runs her own Pilates studio in Naples, Long Beach, she also has owned and operated several businesses in different industries.  She moderates the first Pilates Circle round-table discussion highlighting aspects of running a Pilates business from starting your own freelance business, opening a Pilates studio (how to read the fine print and be prepared for dealing with additional legal entities), to staying solvent!  Refreshments will be served.  Cost:  FREE!  Please join us to expand our community relations.

When:  2:00-3:30pm, Saturday, February 20, 2016.

Where:  Long Beach Gyrotonic Studio, 5808 E. Naples Plaza, Long Beach, CA  90803

May 21, 2016 Workout

Karen Washburn Ness:  Celebrate National Pilates Month with Classic Pilates Mat!

Join us in celebration of Pilates exercise with this classic Pilates mat class.  Karen Washburn Ness has dedicated her practice to Joseph Pilates’ original classic work as well as offering what her client needs through the movement palette taught by Marie-Jose Blom in her Long Beach Dance Conditioning certification courses.  55-minute workout.  Drinks & snacks included.  $15 by check to “Karen Washburn” or cash.

Where:  Long Beach GYROTONIC® Studio, 5808 E. Naples Plaza, Long Beach, CA  90803

When:  1:30-3:00pm, Saturday, May 21, 2016


June 18, 2016 Workout

Shuriu Lo:  Revitalizing Through Your Feet

BASI-certified and former LBDC longtime client Shuriu Lo has been obsessed with feet and the many therapeutic approaches to help her improve her dance and athletic performance. Revitalize your body and your relationship with your feet through this 55-minute workout-lecture. Drinks & snacks included.  Tell a friend!  $15 by check to “Shuriu Lo” or cash.

When: 10:30am-12pm, Saturday, June 18, 2016

Where:  Long Beach GYROTONIC® Studio, 5808 E. Naples Plaza, Long Beach, CA  90803


 July 23, 2016 Workout

Bonnie Nash:  Pilates for Healthy Seniors

Stott-certified long-time Pilates acolyte of former National Ballet of Canada ballet dancer Patricia Griswold, Bonnie Nash has a cozy Naples studio serving the senior population.  Experience Bonnie’s 55-minute Pilates workout catering to healthy seniors.  Drinks & snacks included.  Limited to 6 participants.  $15 by check to “Bonnie Nash” or cash.

When:  2:00-3:30pm, Saturday, July 23, 2016.

Where: Bonnie Nash Pilates Studio (limited to 4 participants), 5855 East Naples Plaza. #214. Long Beach, CA 90807

2015 Workshops

January 31, 2015 Workout.

Christy Drescher:  Challenging pre & post natal Pilates Workouts

For healthy pregnant or post partum women who are not at risk:  a challenging workout by two-time mommy & BASI-trained Pilates instructor Christy Drescher.  How can you find your center in a challenging exercise if you never test yourself?  We will review standard pregnancy and post-partum protocol and modifications and enjoy Christy’s 45-minute Pilates workout catering to healthy women without medical restrictions during or after their pregnancy.  Drinks & snacks included.  Limited to 12 participants.  $15 non refundable deposit made payable to “Christy Drescher” by January 20, 2015 to Christy Drescher, c/o Long Beach GYROTONIC® Studio, 5808 E. Naples Plaza, Long Beach, CA  90803.  Please sign up by sending a message to or calling/texting to 562.243.9105.

Where:  Long Beach GYROTONIC® Studio, 5808 E. Naples Plaza, Long Beach, CA  90803

When:  2:30-4pm, Saturday, January 31, 2015

March 28, 2015 Lecture

Megan Salisbury Montage

Megan Salisbury:  Nutritional Guidance for mindful movers throughout your life cycles

Certified nutritional consultant and Pilates instructor Megan Salisbury talks about healthy eating habits, especially food myths.  Drinks & snacks included.  Limited to 12 participants.  $15 non refundable deposit by March 21, 2015.

To sign up, make a $15 check made payable to “Megan Salisbury” and send to Long Beach GYROTONIC® Studio, 5808 E. Naples Plaza, Long Beach, CA 90803 by March 21st, please.  Register by sending a message to Shuriu Lo, facilitator, on Facebook or at 562.243.9105 or at

Where:  Long Beach GYROTONIC® Studio, 5808 E. Naples Plaza, Long Beach, CA  90803

When:  2:30-4pm, Saturday, March 28, 2015

Erin Haffner Inner Peace

May 9, 2015 Workout

Erin Haffner:  Creating the energetic space for deeper learning and true connection for your mindful movement (Pilates) practice

How do you direct your energies so that yourself and/or your clients to work deeper and more authentically during your Pilates practice?  Erin is Long Beach Dance Conditioning Certified from the late 90s under Marie-Jose Blom.  Erin is well-known for the safe and nurturing environment she creates for her clients.  Experience this during a 45-minute Pilates exercise program with a short discussion of how to handle your energy after.  Drinks & snacks included.  Limited to 12 participants.  $15 non refundable deposit by May 2, 2015 to Erin Haffner.

Where:  Long Beach GYROTONIC® Studio, 5808 E. Naples Plaza, Long Beach, CA  90803

When:  2:30-4pm, Saturday, May 9, 2015

Dr. B amalgam

Sunday, Novemer 22, 2015 Lecture-Demonstration/Exercise Experience

Dr. Cyndi Butler:  Pilates (& mind-body exercise) through a new lens

To deepen your core conditioning, Pilates & mind-body exercise practice, learn some of the newest and best-tried techniques from physical therapy.  Based on the Prague School medical physical therapy model of exercises, Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization teaches practitioners to connect on a neurological level through primitive motor patterns.  Heard of primal slings?  Joint centration?  Core cylinder?  Confused about proper breathing technique, not just choreographed breath?  Want to learn what BASI-founder Rael Isacowitz has been doing to rehabilitate his own industries and stay on top of his game?  Then join us for this informative lecture-demonstration with guided exercise experience.  Drinks & snacks included.  Limited space, though all are welcome.  $15 per participant.  For further information, please contact event organizer Shuriu Lo, or (562) 243-9105.  Please check our blog for helpful links about Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization and more!

Where:  Butler/Columbo Clinic, 2516 Via Tejon, Suite 117-119, Malaga Cove Plaza, Palos Verdes Estates, CA  90274.  Private parking lot for the plaza.

When:  2:00-4:00pm, Sunday, November 22, 2015

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