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  EQUIPMENT FOR SALE (brands pictured, not actual equipment).  Balanced Body standard studio reformer Mat is black leather Strata Rock maple 1 green spring 3 red springs 1 blue spring 1 yellow spring Cotton foot & hand straps – can be washed Reformer dimensions are: 93 L, 27 W, 14H…

Announcing a New Format for community events — your input appreciated!

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We could really use your help for 2017!  The format has been changed from specific workshops and a lecture, organized by Shuriu, to Shuriu helping to promote studio visits where the comes to visit a Pilates studio around Southern California and other studio owners, Pilates instructors, and Pilates enthusiasts (that means…

Pilates Round-Table Discussion: Business Ownership & Promotion

The Pilates Circle Round Table Discussion — Bonnie Nash Saturday, February 20, 2016 At our round table discussion, we talked about what brought us to the mind-body exercise industry and specific goals we had in mind to grow our businesses for 2016.  Bonnie Nash, with her background in running and…

Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization — Some Helpful Links for more information

                  What is Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (or DNS)?  It’s an exercise system based on human developmental movement patterns.  This means that instead of learning a completely new motion or choreography, that to fix injury or improve athletic/dance performance, a client in this…

Erin Haffner: Pilates in Peace movement experience

Did you miss the lovely and gracious Erin Haffner’s movement experience, “Pilates in Peace,” May 9, 2015?  In case you did, here are some highlights. Erin Haffner, an instructor who felt drawn to the work from the moment she began studying mind-body exercise, shared the approach she has been taking…

Christy & baby Cyrus <3

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Meet the vivacious Pilates instructor Christy Carruth Drescher and baby Cyrus.

Megan Salisbury: Food Myths talk

  Hey there, Pilates enthusiasts and healthy, balanced living enthusiasts.  I’ve been looking forward to sharing some of the information that certified nutritional counselor & Pilates instructor Megan Salisbury covered during her Pilates Circle talk on March 28th this year. Megan discussed several key principles of healthy and wholesome eating…

Christy Drescher and Pilates for the Pre & Post Partum Pilates Client

  Like most Pilates instructors, I’ve had the chance to attend pregnancy for pilates clients workshops and courses.  As Christy Drescher, mother of two (baby bump number two is still in her tummy in the photo) gives me fun and fabulous Pilates exercise sessions, I wanted to experience her perspective, too….

Announcing The Pilates Circle to the world!

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                          Shuriu Lo announces the new non profit community organization The Pilates Circle to the general public at the Long Beach GYROTONIC® Studio party on Thursday, November 13, 2014.  The purpose of The Pilates Circle is to foster links between the…