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As 2017 draws to a close, you’ll notice that there have been no events, experiences, or workouts scheduled for this year.  I had discovered over time that modern living seems to interrupt the ability to build community together.  Unless I regularly call, visit, take class with, bring a coffee to each studio owner and each instructor in the area, the connection falls off the grid.  People forget who I am after we’ve taken workshops and courses together, even though we might be Facebook friends (!).  Consequently, as I also live in this same crazy-busy world as the rest of us, nothing has happened for scheduled group events.

To compensate for what appeared to be the individuals that make up the community being scattered and distracted, I had intended to have one speaker give two lectures on myofascial work this year.  As a myofascial release client experiencing significant changes that dovetailed with my explorations of deeper and authentic stability through Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization, I find that this work has been key to me deciding to move a certain way and being able to align and power through from the ideal prime mover!  Unfortunately, this year her schedule has been difficult to pin down.

Listening to the flow of the universe, I just let life bring me together with other instructors and studio owners.  We had one-on-one playdates and brainstorming sessions.  It was a mutual reaching out and while that has been fulfilling for me on a personal level, that didn’t create an opening for the community at large to join in for scheduled events.

Let’s see what 2018 will bring.  There are many things I would like to share in a setting of curiosity and positive communal exploration.  How exciting!  I mean, wouldn’t we all seek that ideal context?  While my clients have received the benefit of many experiences and insights I’ve acquired this year so far — and haven’t yours, too? — perhaps 2018 may give us the opportunity to try again as a community to come together.  If not, I’ll at least schedule some experiences that the community can attend if they so choose.

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The Pilates Circle is a non profit organization started by Pilates-certified instructor Shuriu Lo to help weave the different strands of the Pilates community together.  By sharing our own personal focus and enthusiasms, Shuriu believes that we can build deeper understanding and appreciation of Pilates mind-body exercise together.

For 2017, Shuriu would like to invite Pilates studios to host community gatherings with the option to offer a short lecture, workout, or exercise experience to attendees along with refreshments.  This would provide the opportunity for Pilates instructors, studio owners, practitioners, and clients to get to know each other within the community.  Please contact Shuriu at or if you would like to participate.

In the past each year, The Pilates Circle hosted 3 workshops and 1 round-table discussion.  These were opportunities to come together as a community and spend time exercising, sharing knowledge, and enjoying each other’s company over small snacks and nourishment for the mind, body, and soul.  These events were not limited to Pilates instructors and/or studio owners only.  Anyone who loves and continues to study Pilates was welcome.  Workshops focused on different themes, depending on the particular instructor’s approach to Pilates.  Each workshop consisted of a 55-minute exercise program for a limited number of participants.  Snacks and drinks were provided so that we could discuss ideas after a condensed Pilates experience.  Round-table discussions focused on specific themes generated by the presenter’s area(s) of expertise.  Lasting about 60 minutes, round-table discussions covered topics relevant to the Pilates community.  Again, refreshments will be provided so that we can discuss issues and ideas together as a community.